Blended Quilts with Marsha McCloskey

Held Friday March 8, 2013 at Bewley’s Hotel, Dublin

Noted American author and quilter Marsha McCloskey led a workshop designed to challenge what we know about contrast. Drawing inspiration from the very pretty, floral pieced quilts of the early 1800s, this was a workshop about blurring and blending.  Simple piecing was very much enhanced by the use of chintzes, toiles and florals of all sizes and shapes.

Fabrics to be blended. Photo courtesy of Jane Winters




Fabrics were “combined” by using low contrast value, running motifs like tendrils or vines into a seam line or selecting similar colours from one background to another fabric’s main motif.

Photo courtesy of Jane Winters

The modern interpretations featured florals in a medallion setting with an Ohio Star Border. Participants initially found the ideas counter-intuitive but enjoyed “un-learning” contrast. The outer blocks and the central medallion were started first. This led to interesting design decisions as the quilts were completed. As of this writing, several tops are in bits on design walls!
A huge thank you to Marsha, who despite illness, managed, with calm professionalism, to offer this workshop!

About Marsha: The author of many quilt books, Marsha has been quilting for over forty years. Known for her feathered stars and precision piecing she is also a fabric designer. “The Best of Blended Quilts”  by Marsha McCloskey and Sharon Yenter was the text for this works