QGI AGM 2014

The 2013 AGM of the QGI was held on the Friday evening of the conference. Thanks to the retiring members of the committee for all their hard work in the last (many!) years: Laura Cahill, Robyn Fahy, Patricia Frawley, Tracey Pereira & Ann Sheehan.

Motion: The Quilters Guild of Ireland re-invents itself to host the Annual Conference, provide insurance for our members, do one mail shot (Conference Details) and website.

a) Webmaster to be a paid position

b) Committee to comprise of secretary, treasurer, conference co-ordinator and membership secretary

c) Annual membership renewal should be due for all members on the 30th of September and not from date of payment. Membership and insurance cover will lapse on October 1 for all members.

This motion was passed, with only four abstentions. As a result, the gazette will no longer be produced. Information will be communicated through an annual mailshot with conference details and through the website.

Three members volunteered to serve on the next committee. In a later meeting the positions of the new committee were decided. Please welcome:
Jane Winters: Chairwoman
Monica Bodmer: Membership Secretary
Pauline Openneer: Treasurer and Craft Council rep.
Moya Geraghty: Education & Conference Organiser
Frances McCarthy: Secretary, PRO, Website

We are looking forward to working together in the next year to organise visiting tutors and the Annual Conference.