Scrappy September 2022 Challenge

There were quite a few emails saying that you would have loved to have joined, but work/family/holidays etc., have prevented you from taking part. We understand.

We achieved what we set out to do – create a bit of fun.

The names of the makers have been added.


Thanks also to each and everyone of you who took the trouble to vote, we were pleased with the number who voted.

It doesn’t matter who voted or how many votes in total. Suffice to say that each quilt recieved a sizeable amount of votes.

Thank you also for the lovely comments which you made about all of the quilts.

The overwhelming choice of viewers was ‘Tit Bits’ (or ‘Blue Tit’ as someone called it) by Christina Merrick.

Congratulations Christina.

Tit Bits 25 x 38 Christina Merrick

“This is my attempt at the challenge but I don’t know that it qualifies as it is too big 25 x 38 inches. [Editor: Of course it qualifies]

Made from scraps the blue tit is created first and placed on a pieced scrap background. Flowers are fussy cut. The faced binding edge treatment was unsuccessful as I used two layers of batting which created far too much bulk and as a result it  was  very difficult to create an even edge. It needs to be redone to remove the bulk and even out the edge and maybe even change the shape!

So complete with wonky lines etc maybe there could be a section for unsuccessful challenge attempts! [Editor: Now there’s an idea!”]

“My African Friend” 40″ x 40″Marianne Bickerton

“I have an African friend living nearby and she makes the most beautiful African outfits. I asked her if I could have some of her scraps and she obliged, with bags of scraps!! My husband was wondering why on earth I would want someone else’s waste of material and saw no point to it. 

When I saw what I had in the scraps I thought the best thing to do was make a strip quilt like this and I’m so please with the end result!! ”

“This is my entry for the September Scrappy Quilt Challenge 2022 which I call ‘Serendipity Squares’.  Hope you like it!

“I haven’t been able to finish my piece for the 8th (frozen shoulder from a shoulder break so can’t use sewing machine yet).  I really enjoyed being able to do a little hand stitching most days and using up buttons and beads that I had.  These folded squares are really easy to make.”

“Thanks for organising this, it’s a great way to start the year.

Here is my Scrappy Quilt made in September 2022. The batik scraps were in my cupboard stash, waiting for inspiration, as was the batik backing! 

I finished a piece for the QGI Scrappy September Challenge! And I have just washed it (well put it through a cold cycle in the machine) and it is drying on the line.

Our daughter, who was home from London when I started it, loves it so much that she has “baggsed” it, she loves how bright it is. .

Completely from scratch, no pattern! I used my walking foot to quilt it. 100% cotton wadding and thread. Such wonderful colours.

This is my first string quilt, and it was great fun using all the colours. Some of the scraps go back to a quilt made in 2012!”

“I just finished my scrap challenge!  I had some daisy squares left over from my previous project, and I used some other fabric left from other projects including this ombre blue with polka dots.   I found inspiration in the book “Quilting Illusions” and changed it a bit.   I think the illusion works quite well, I’m very pleased with the effect.”

“Thank you for the Scrappy September Challenge, just what I needed to get me motivated and very appropriate for the challenging Winter ahead, when we will all be ‘tightening our belts’ as my mum would have said.

My table runner is not from a pattern , just started with a packet of charm Squares (21/2 x21/2) which I found and grew. I have it on my table.

Also, from some of the scrappy ends left I made a pumpkin mat, and from some odd ends of wool I’ve have knit a few pumpkins. So my challenge for winter will be to use what I have available in my stash,( not good for retail shops ) .
I have a September birthday  and received a little pot of flowers as a gift and was so pleased as matched my ‘pumpkin patch’ as my little granddaughters call it,  more pumpkins on the needles ”