QGI Challenges and Exhibitions


UFO Challenge 2019  June 1st to September 30th 2019

At our EGM last year, Maureen Feary excited us all with her UFO Challenge Groups, mainly organised through Yahoo. We were  captivated with the idea of reducing our piles of UFOs and a few of us have taken the idea a step further and started their own versions within their circle of  friends.

The QGI, though agreeing in principle, has been slower to initiate a similar scheme, with the main stumbling block being on resolving a way to communicate with all our members, which suits everyone. It is important that all those who wish to be involved can be. Not everyone uses all the social media outlets, and some don’t use email. However, between the jigs and reels (idir rud amháin agus rud eile) – and with the aim of keeping it as simple as possible, our central communication will be via email.

The Quilter’s Guild of Ireland

First Summer Challenge 1st June to 30th September


You know yourself how many projects you could finish in four months, so choose the one that suits you.

Platinum  20 project   Gold  15 projects  Silver  10 projects  Bronze  5 projects.


Sort through your UFOs This is the fun bit, getting reacquainted with old friends inhabiting various parts of your home. There’s nothing to stop you adding an embroidery/ cross stitch project, but  the majority of UFOs you select should be quilting related.

  • Give it away. Maybe it’s time to ditch some altogether! You may have fallen out of love, or you just know you’ll never finish it. Give them away to friends, or let us know and we’ll trawl our members to find a home.
  • Need fabric to finish it? Let us know and we’ll put out a Wanted appeal.
  • Need advice, help on quilting, finishing etc? We’ll ask the others on your behalf.
  • Really want to finish it? Select those projects you really, really want to finish. We’re sharing the challenge with our fellow members, but at the end of the day it’s all about personal achievement.
  • Be realistic. Some of your UFOs are more complex and may take longer than others to finish. It’s doubtful that you’d be able to take 20 quilt tops – sandwich them, quilt and bind before September 20th. However, who are we to say it is or isn’t, it might be feasible for you.

Declaration of Projects

Complete the attached form as honestly and realistically as you can.

Project Name – that’s the name you give to your project. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Description: Briefly describe your project – what it is.

Needs Done: Optional – briefly describe the processes that are outstanding.

Finished:   Date you’ve finished

Photo Available: Did you take a before and after photo. Maybe even a ‘during’ too. Are you willing to share these?

Joys of the Challenge

  • Getting reacquainted with projects that you know are in the house somewhere.
  • Making decisions about what goes and stays.
  • Freeing up space in your home and conscience.
  • Sense of satisfaction
  • Communicating with friends and fellow quilters.
  • Getting a chance to see what everyone else is doing.


If you want to remain anonymous, that’s fine. Give yourself a name which can be used and we’ll never use your proper name.

Photos – these would be great to share. We’ll be creating a Members’ Only space on the website. If you don’t want to submit photos, that’s fine. Give us an idea of the dimensions of your project.

Story – is there a story attached to your project that you’re happy to share, that would be wonderful.

Attribute – make sure you let us know who is the original designer, if it’s not your own.

Change Category  At the end of June, if you want to  change your category that’s fine.

Change Project At the end of June, if you want to swap one of your projects for a newer one that’s fine.


Don’t worry if you do start a new project. It happens because someone needs a quilt, or you’ve been to a class.

Simple just substitute it for one on your list at the end of June.


We’ll be using theqgi@gmail.com

Make sure your email is correct, if a friend says they haven’t been receiving emails, get them to send an email to that address.







Name: The name we share could be your own name or a pseudonym of your choice

Email:  We will NOT be sharing your email.

County: Just for a bit of extra fun, we thought we’d include your county and perhaps see how that developes.

Please submit your list to theqgi@gmail.com before the 7th June.



  Project Name Description Needs to be done Finished & Time Taken Photo Available



It is our intention to create a private members only section on the Website, where we can post our projects, stories, difficulties and triumphs.


QGI Annual Conference, Maynooth Friday 17th April – Sunday 19th April 

2020 Challenge – “To Be Announced”

The  2019 Challenge shall be judged by this year’s Tutors.

Theme: To be announced

Do not put your name on the pieces, alternatively cover your label with a dark piece of fabric tacked on for the judging.

All pieces will be on display throughout the weekend. One piece per member only, please.


“Past Pieces” refers to a piece of work  started at ANY previous QGI Conference, and which has not been shown at a previous Conference.

You are invited to bring along your finished piece, which will be displayed over the weekend.

One piece per member will be displayed. If you have more items from previous Conferences, not previously displayed, bring them along for the Show and Tell.


An absolute favourite with everyone, especially the hotel housekeeping staff, who love getting involved and take this very seriously.

Bring a quilt to leave on your bed. On Saturday morning, while you are working away at the workshop of your choice, the hotel housekeeping staff will select their three favourite quilts.

[Bribery of hotel staff is severely frowned upon, but you wouldn’t do that, would you?]


After the AGM on Friday evening, we will have a Show and Tell. Bring your quilts – any size – for us to admire,  ‘Ohs and Ahs’ and be inspired.