Quilt Shops in Ireland

What do we mean by “Quilt Shops” – we mean places where quilters can buy 100% cotton fabric, thread and wadding. Quilting notions are a bonus. It might be a physical shop or it may be online.

We have created this map on Google, primarily to facilitate all quilters to locate  a quilt shop near them. It also acts as a guide for those of us  who like to have ‘a wee look’ at quilt shops when we are on holiday.

Quilt Shops in Ireland

By clicking on the map, you will access Googlemap of Quilt Shops in Ireland.

Clicking on the red sewing machine, [We adopted the sewing machine for what Googlemaps calls  ‘pins’]  you should be able to see lots of information about that shop.

This includes  email/ website etc. In the notes field you’ll find opening hours etc.

NB Some offer online services only.

The pins are not pin point accurate, but an approximate location assigned by Google.

The following information was thought to be of interest to quilters.

Owner’s Name  / Address / Email  / Website / Goods / Online / Shop / Longarm / Classes / Machine Servicing  / Phone Number/ Hours /Facebook  / Instagram  /Notes 

Shop Owners:

We are happy to add your shop – the major criteria being that you offer choices of  100% cotton fabric suitable for quilters.  Anything else is a bonus.  If you wish to be added please provide the information as listed above to: theqgi@gmail.com

Amazingly it went viral when posted on Facebook and prompted many shop owners to ask if their shop could be added to it.  Unbelievable there are countless quilt related shops in Ireland, and what variety.  Some are online only, others are large haberdashery stores, while others are pure quilting shops with lots to offer the quilter. Yet again there are those who offer a perfect package with classes, longarm and machine servicing.

Whichever device you use, by clicking on the little red sewing machine,  you should have access to relevant information. However, each device is slightly different, if you are having difficulties, email us at theqgi@gmail.com.

[This map was  created  by trawling through different websites and Facebook pages. This took quite some time – we wanted a map giving comprehensive information, not just the location.  Websites configure information uniquely, some ‘hide’ their opening hours, embedded in their  small writing at the bottom of their sites, under headings that don’t actually say ‘Opening hours’.]

Any mistakes etc., please report to theqgi@gmail.com

[Updated 20/09/2019]