Quilters’ Guild of Ireland Constitution

Quilters’ Guild of Ireland Constitution including amendments as voted on at the AGM 2019 Maynooth. 

  1. NAME

The name of the organisation shall be the Quilters’ Guild of Ireland


The Quilters’ Guild of Ireland provides education about patchwork, appliqué and quilting to members in Northern Ireland and Ireland as well as internationally.

This non-profit association welcomes all those interested in learning about the art/craft of quilting regardless of national background, creed, gender or age.

  1. GOALS

The Guild offers education to all members through the following :

  • promotion of friendship, understanding and generosity of sharing among all members, looking towards patchwork and quilting as a metaphor for the communal aspects of the art.
  • access to regional groups.
  • A newsletter twice per year
  • Regular communication via email and using current popular social media.
  • workshops and clinics taught by recognised teachers.
  • a web site providing updates about activities, nationally as well as internationally.
  • participation in exhibitions for all levels of quilters.
  • as the group matures, to tackle directly those issues which normally inhibit the increased understanding of differences among members.


  2. a) the activities of the group shall be controlled by the Management Committee that shall be drawn from the group membership.
  3. b) the Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt, from the membership, any additional members required.
  4. c) the duties of the Management Committee shall be to devise methods for achieving the Goals of the group and to exercise the general oversight of its activities and to assist in the development and extension of their activities.
  5. d) the Management Committee shall have the power from time to time to make, alter and rescind rules for the internal management of the group and may delegate any of their powers to committees consisting of such members of the body as they may think fit, and the committee so formed shall, in the exercising of the powers so delegated, conform to any regulations that may be imposed on it by the Management Committee.


  2. a) the Management Committee shall keep accounts of all the monies belonging to the group and such accounts shall be audited and circulated to the membership annually.
  3. b) a Bank Account shall be opened in the name of the Quilters’ Guild of Ireland.
  4. c) all cheques must be signed by no fewer than two of the (whatever number of signatories we have) authorised signatories.


  •  Membership of the group is open to everyone.
  •  Members shall have the right to make representation to the Management Committee.



General Meetings shall be held at least three times a year. Any member of the Management Committee shall  have the  power to convene meetings at any time.



An AGM shall be held once a year and not less than 60 days notice of the meeting shall be given. All motions for discussion shall be given not less than 60 days notice to the honorary secretary. Those entitled to vote shall be those members of the Quilters’ Guild of Ireland present at the meeting. All Motions must be circulated to the membership 30 days prior to the AGM. Any amendments to proposed motions must be presented to the honorary secretary no later than 20 days prior to AGM



The Constitution shall be altered only by resolution passed by two-thirds majority of the Management Committee and members attending the AGM.  Notice of the proposed amendments to the Constitution must be given, in writing, not less than 60 days before the AGM.  By-Laws – Notice of proposed changes to by-laws must be given, in writing, not less than 30 days before an AGM.



a) if on the grounds of expense or otherwise the Management Committee shall decide upon the dissolution of the Quilters’ Guild of Ireland, a resolution shall be considered by an Extraordinary General Meeting called with not less than 60 days notice to members for that purpose.

b) the group shall be dissolved only by a majority of those attending EGM.

c) the assets, following satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, shall be distributed at the discretion of the Management Committee



  1. Founder members, as listed, are lifelong members of QGI
  2. The Management Committee reserve the right to confer Honorary Life Membership
  3. Item No. 6 in the Constitution – “Members shall have the right to make representation to the                       Management Committee”. This must be done in writing
  4. Terms of office for the Management Committee:

The Management Committee shall consist of a minimum of 6 members

  1. A call will be made for a minimum of 3 new members prior to the AGM
  2. New members to the Mgt. Committee may be nominated or co-opted from the membership
  3. Quorum – a quorum will be 1/3 + 1 of the Management Committee. If there is a drawn vote the Chairman shall have the casting vote



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