Retreat 2013 Workshop Sheena J Norquay

Sheena J. Norquay: Teacher and Quilter

Sheena J Norquay was born in the Orkney Islands and has been exhibiting locally, nationally and internationally since 1981. Sheena uses quilted lines to create graceful movement, sculptural shapes and decorative patterns. Some of her work combines printing and stenciling or piecing and applique with free machine quilting.

Friday Workshop 11.00 to 5.00pm
Hand Quilted, Ridged Winter Landscape  

Create a small A5 or A4 winter landscape using running, whipped and single/double whipped/laced running stitches. You will be shown how to draw contour and radiating lines on the pattern provided and how to use the stitches to create ridges and outlines on your landscape. The border can be quilted using a basketweave pattern or you can add a patterned fabric. For the sky and loch you can use transparent fabric.

Saturday Workshop 10.00 to 4.00pm 
Fantasy Birds, Printing and Free Motion Quilting

From a menu of drawing of heads, bodies, tails and feet, students will create their own fantasy bird outline which will then be transferred onto a fabric ready for printing using fabric paints and a variety of objects such as tops of pens, rubbers in propelling pencils, wooden dowelling, nails, screws, old credit cards, thin bits of wood etc. Printed borders in the same piece of fabric are optional. Students may prefer to piece strips of plain or patterned fabric which can be printed or left as they are. Suggested size minimum 14″, Maximum 18″

After drying the paint the printed shapes are outlined with free machine quilting onto a piece of wadding which is then trimmed before the top is tacked to another piece of wadding and backing. The bird shape can be then outlined and the background and borders quilted. Beads and sequins can be added for a ‘bling’ bird but this would be done at home.

Monday and Tuesday Workshop 10.00 to 4.00 pm
Going Around in Circles Two Day Workshop. All Levels.

Students will create a long skinny or square wall hanging with several sizes of appliqued and quilted circles and rings in a variety of symmetrical or asymmetrical compositions within 6″ blocks. Hand and Machine techniques may be used and will include:

  • Stitching machine appliqued circles with and without fusible materials
  • Using templates and needle turn applique to create smooth edges on single and multilayered circles or rings
  • Using a variety of quilted lines to decorate the circles with hand embroidery and free machine trapunto
  • Using a variety of hand and free machine quilted lines and marks to decorate the backgrounds of the blocks