The Quilter’s Guild of Ireland ‘Keep Well’ Project / Challenge 2021

Keep Well Campaign

The Keep Well campaign was an initiative from the Irish Government, launched on October 29th by An Taoiseach [Irish Prime Minister] at Government Buildings and focussed on five main themes:

  • Keeping active – keeping active and being outdoors, even during the winter, is important to help physical and mental health and wellbeing.
  • Staying connected – staying connected with people, addressing isolation, supporting volunteerism and initiatives that support person-to-person connection is important to our wellbeing.
  • Switching off and being creative – switching off and being creative or learning something new, getting back to nature and finding ways to relax can help our general wellbeing.
  • Eating well – by nourishing your body and mind we can develop a better connection between the food we eat and how we feel and positively impact our physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Managing your mood – equipping people with information on where to go if they need support e.g. HSE’s Your Mental Health website. This will also be linked with the local community helpline to ensure that people can access the support they need.

Design and Crafts Council of Ireland DCCI celebrated 50 years on 14th October 2021.

The DCCI embraced the Keep Well Campaign to celebrate their 50th year; focusing on  ‘Switching off and Being Creative’. They chose the main thread to be ‘switch off, be creative, & learn something new’. Perfect for the pandemic we found ourselves in.

In turn we, the Quilter’s Guild of Ireland, enthusiastically undertook the Challenge. We encouraged our members to reach out to friends and family, to persuade them to join us.

Our theme ‘Home’; our aim to create a couple of quilts and to raise money for Women’s Shelters, in particular with reference to Women’s mental health support.

Mary Palmer, our Chair, designed several blocks with varying degrees of difficulty, each to measure 10 inch square finished. We published these on our YouTube channel, with video demonstrations created by Mary Palmer. You’ll find a link here: Quilter’s Guild of Ireland YouTube Channel

The response exceeded all our expectations. Blocks came streaming in from all over Ireland. Some constructed by people who were sewing novices. Others were completed by our fellow quilters in other guilds. It was almost overwhelming. The generosity and spirit engendered was uplifting and emotional. So many people invested time and fabrics into the creation of these blocks, each one unique. We experienced a collective spirit with our fellow quilters, throughout the island of Ireland, in the midst of the strangest of times.

It was perfect? Switch off and be creative. All we had to do was to sew little blocks.! At least one 10” block (10-1/2” square unfinished) on the theme of Home (Houses, Trees, and Paths & Gardens).

Examples of individual blocks:

Covid Warning [We are operating in Covid times, so please stay safe. When sharing fabric by post/ by hand, it might be an idea to advise the recipient to leave it for a day or two before opening. We can’t be too careful these days!]


  • Printing re Foundation Piecing Warning. Some printers default to less than 100%. When printing foundation patterns make sure it is printing at 100%.
  • If you have already printed a small version, that’s fine, submit it. We’ll add a wee border to suit that quilt.
  • We love it when people take the time to point out the little errors which might creep in. .


We had prizes too! We were given a grant to facilitate the purchasing of fabric. In the pandemic with everyone being isolated, this proved too cumbersome to organise, therefore, we settled for putting the money into special raffle. To honour the Design and Crafts Council’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2021, we awarded 50 prizes ranging from €10 – €100 vouchers, used in one of the Patchwork shops on the island of Ireland. Some lucky people got free QGI membership too.

Zoom Sessions & YouTube Videos

We held a series of zoom sessions, where Mary Palmer gave encouragement and advice. It was a lovely way to meet up at a time when meeting up in person wasn’t an option. We had some lovely chats and met some great people.

Mary Palmer’s videos were a great success. The first was aimed at the beginner, and progressively became more complex. They’re still available and can be found here: QGI YouTube channel

Once we reach 100 subscribers we can make the URL address a bit more QGI friendly. You can subscribe which means you will be notified when new videos are added, there’s no cost to join.

NB Videos 6a and 6b are exactly the same, they’ve just been taken from different camera angles.

Finished Quilts

When we started, we were convinced that we’d get enough blocks for 3 quilts, but the contributors from all over Ireland, including the islands and America blew us all away. [I’m not saying America is an island of Ireland…]

In particular, thanks to all those dedicated and hard working quilters – long arm and domestic machine Goddesses who gave up their time and expertise to put the blocks together, basted and quilted them. The results speak for themselves.

Get Well Quilts

Report from Suzanne Pass Written for the Irish Patchwork Society

The Quilter’s Guild Ireland (QGI) started a project last year where they collected 10 inch blocks
and put them together into finished quilts for charity.

The most succinct description of this project is from the QGI website:

The Quilter’s Guild of Ireland are running a project called ‘Home’. It’s part of the government’s
‘Keep Well’ campaign supported through the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland. We’re asking
people to make a 10″ (finished) block to make quilts to support women and mental health.
These blocks are either ‘houses’, ‘trees’, or ‘paths and gardens’. We’ve designed 9 patterns if
you’d like to take part (of course, you’re welcome to design your own block!).

The Irish Patchwork Society participated, with the executive committee sending emails to all IPS
members which you may remember receiving in March 2021. The initial email had the intriguing
Subject of “Interesting project for a good cause.” Attached to this first email was a pdf with
details from Mary Palmer, including a pattern for a 10 inch house block. Successive emails
included more patterns with increasingly challenging block patterns.

The IPS members sent in many blocks, either to Mary Hunter or directly to the QGI. More than
300 quilters participated, many sending in multiple blocks. There was a raffle with prizes
donated from shops all over Ireland, there were fifty prizes in honor of the 50th anniversary of
the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland.

This project was a huge undertaking, with different quilters making the quilt tops and others
quilting and finishing them. A few of the finished quilts were on display in Dublin Castle. 22 quilts in total were completed.

The project is not yet over, there are plans in the works:
● Exhibit the quilts as much as possible over the next year
● Raffle some of the Quilts during or after the exhibitions
● Donate Quilts and proceeds to Mental Health Services and Women’s Shelters/Supports
Congratulations to the Quilters Guild Ireland and all of the quilters involved! Thank you
to all the IPS members who participated.

We shall keep you informed as to where and when they will be exhibited.